About H2B

“The ultimate goal of economics is to improve the living conditions of people in their everyday lives” is the dream of every nation across the globe. This goal is yet to be realized despite concerted efforts by nations and multilateral institutions. Economics is for the people. Household Consumption accounts for 70 percent of US gross domestic product (GDP). Aimed at this greater good, H2B the one-click family finance APP, is developed with the mission of enabling families achieve financial stability and economic well-being by integrating present and future consumption choices with real-time data.

H2B is a One-click website and mobile application platform for family finance budgeting with easy-to-use interface, considering the cognitive barrier of target segments – family households. H2B leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology for capturing families’ transaction data, categorizing them, and fintech APIs to synchronize both credit card and bank transactions. The APP will focus on the attitude of families to savings, nudge them to conscious spending habits. H2B offers a family financial health score - H2B Multidimensional Family/Individual Financial Health Score, that will be set as the goldilocks standard, compared to the current credit scores being practiced for credit processing. H2B will be positioned as an APP for families including non-family households and pursue utility patents to create entry barriers.

News From H2B

H2B is proud and happy to annouce the alpha test version of our H2B App. We welcome early adopters to try out our app and provide their valuable insights and constructive criticism to help us make H2B a truly global product.
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